Monday, 15 June 2015

Now and Then Developments: Site update...

I've updated some of the information and links on my Now & Then developments Site.

This is basically a Hub site where I try to pull all the half and semi-finished projects, games, sites, projects etc. that  I'm (sometimes) working on together.

Some Updates to my Vectrex and PC games:

I'm doing some finishing work to Vectrex Curcus this week, and hope to have this completed by next week
I'm then going to take a proper look at my Attic-Attack like concept project, to see if I can get it drawing fast enough to make it a viable game.

If I have enough time I also want to see if I can finish off sprucing up the PC based Particumental game, and see if Desura will accept it this time. If not I think it's time to give up on Desura with this, and put the final version up on some free ware software sites.