Saturday, 15 August 2015

New Vectrex Concept Game

I've just finished a test gave using a new maze engine I wrote for the Vectrex.

I may be a bit rough around the edges yet, but the game is playable, and has a properly formed beginning, middle, and end.


Monday, 15 June 2015

Now and Then Developments: Site update...

I've updated some of the information and links on my Now & Then developments Site.

This is basically a Hub site where I try to pull all the half and semi-finished projects, games, sites, projects etc. that  I'm (sometimes) working on together.

Some Updates to my Vectrex and PC games:

I'm doing some finishing work to Vectrex Curcus this week, and hope to have this completed by next week
I'm then going to take a proper look at my Attic-Attack like concept project, to see if I can get it drawing fast enough to make it a viable game.

If I have enough time I also want to see if I can finish off sprucing up the PC based Particumental game, and see if Desura will accept it this time. If not I think it's time to give up on Desura with this, and put the final version up on some free ware software sites.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Moved Host for my Now and Then Developments site.

I just put a test version of my Now and then Developments site up on Google Drive.
It's sort of working, but I think I need to redo this a bit before trying to use it..

I plan on including links to and coverage off both my PC and console based programd from this site. Using it as a hub for all my developments.

Watch this space...

Vectrex Blog Page update.

I've recently updated my Vectrex Page on my Garry's Gaming Blog site to include any recent or not-so-recent updates I've made to my Vectrex games.

 I'm also currently working on a new Vectrex game, preliminarily called 'Vectrex Circus,' which  is a very loose  reworking of the old Circus arcade cabinet game from 1977.